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  • How does Nebelr work?
    Nebelr emits 10 million negative ions into your car's environment, which attach to airborne particles like viruses, bacteria, PM2.5 pollutants, neutralizing them and making them heavier, causing them to settle on surfaces rather than remain airborne.
  • Can Nebelr be used in different car models?
    Yes, Nebelr is designed to be universal and fits in various car models, from compact SUVs to luxury sedans, enhancing air quality regardless of your car type.
  • Is Nebelr safe to use?
    Yes, Nebelr is completely safe. It produces negative ions, similar to those found in natural, clean air. It's eco-friendly and doesn't generate any harmful chemicals or ozone, making it safe for everyone, including children and babies.
  • How does Nebelr benefit health?
    Nebelr's negative ions have various health benefits, including reducing allergies, headaches, eye irritations, improving energy, mental alertness, and promoting better sleep.
  • What is Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer?
    Nebelr is an advanced car air purifier ionizer developed by Kyoto Machines, Japan. It utilizes cutting-edge ionization technology to cleanse and freshen the air inside your car.
  • What does Nebelr remove from the air?
    Nebelr efficiently eliminates dust, smoke, allergens, PM2.5 particles, odors, and other harmful substances, improving the air quality inside your car.
  • Does Nebelr require maintenance?
    Nebelr doesn't have HEPA filters, eliminating the need for regular cleaning or replacements, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Is Nebelr easy to use?
    Absolutely, Nebelr is designed for convenience. It operates via USB power, starts automatically with your car, and offers multiple speed modes for customized use.
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