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After CHINA, INDIA gets its Smog Tower in National Capital state, New Delhi to reduce Air Pollution

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Delhi Gets its First Smog Tower Today to Help Tackle Rising Levels of Air Pollution

It will be the First 'giant air purifier' to combat air pollution to be inaugurated this week.

The smog tower comes as the big relief to the residents of Lajpat Nagar as the air pollution in the national capital has been at alarming levels for long.

Pollution is a serious issue in INDIA and majorly bad in metro cities all over. Govt has made many efforts by planting more trees and switching over to public transport which are non polluting CNG cars and buses. But still the pollution level are Hazardous for all age groups. Finally, Govt has taken step to improve the Air quality by installing its first ever SMOG TOWER in National capital city of INDIA, New Delhi.

Check out the links below from the major news publications covering the SMOG TOWER details.

Air Pollution is even more in Colder months and having a Air Purifier in your Car and Home has become a necessity now in INDIA.

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