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Nebelr Cool Mist Humidifier or Ultrasonic Humidifier?

Updated: Jun 20

If your family is one of the thousands living beneath 2-feet of snow for most of the winter, dry indoor air can take a toll on your health and your home. Since not everyone has the luxury to enjoy soaking up the sunshine each day, keeping the windows open year round and always breathing fresh, clean air throughout the winter, humidifiers are there to make up for it. These devices really are capable of accomplishing many feats.

Beat dry winter air with a humidifier suitable for your needs.

By dispersing moisture gently throughout the air, humidifiers have the power to keep your home more comfortable during the entire year, no matter what the weather outside looks or feels like. With a healthy level of humidity, humidifiers ease the discomfort of scratchy throats and eyes, relieve dry skin and help you breath better. But it doesn't stop there. Humidifiers increase freshness by alleviating stale air in your home and reduce static electricity. They protect your interior including floors, wall paper and furniture by maintaining consistent moisture levels so that these things don't dry out. Additionally, moisture makes the air feel warmer, meaning lower heat settings and lower energy bills.

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