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Why You Need Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer for Your Car

The Polluted air in the atmosphere is quite unsafe for everyone breathing indoor or outdoor. This brings in an environment disorder that can cause a lot of damage to our main organs specially lungs & heart and other related major health issues. To keep safe our self we must think of an air purification solution all around.

The high CO2 and pollution is the reason for our unhealthy and lethargic approach towards our work, this also affects the performance and will slowly leads to heart disease, respiratory issue, and memory lapse as well.  Frequent travellers of private cabs must demand for car air purifiers for a d=safe and healthy journey

Likewise, we spend a lot of time inside our cars, an average Indian spends approximate 90 hrs inside a car every month. Have we ever given a thought about the deadly air inside our car? The closed window does not keep us safe while driving, increased CO2 and VOC’s is a major cause of polluted air with fine pollutants. Not many people in India are aware of the level of CO2 created in our car & bus within few minutes, the verse effect is on the small kids travelling in Air-Conditioned school bus. As per detailed study and practical examples conducted in recent times it is found that the CO2 may increase up to 5000 ppm within 10 to 15 minutes of drive. The main reason is zero insertion of fresh air inside and exhalation of CO2 continuously. All the cars in the market have the facility of air ventilation for both indoor and indoor air circulation.  Both of the options have challenges for pure air, the indoor vent will increase the CO2 level, the outdoor vent will increase the particulate and smell issue in the car. Car air purifiers are the best solution to keep you and your loved ones safe while travelling.

Some people are used to smoke inside the car while travelling, this is one of the biggest challenge for the ambiance of the car and high odour issue, the family and friends often feel uneasy and unhygienic with bad odour inside. Use of air purifier with high efficiency of filters can remove the smell completely in no time.

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