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Car air Purifier

Negative ions: a shift to safer and healthier driving

Ions in Air are like vitamins in the Air which benefit people’s health in everyday routine by providing super clean Air. Nebelr Air Ionizer is portable to be used in Car or on your office desktop.

Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer

  • Kills 99.9 Viruses & Germs
  • 10 Million Negative Ions
  • Removes PM2.5 & Dust


Is an ionizer good for health?

Evidence shows that Air Ionizer purify the air of bacteria, dust and micro particles like PM2.5. Nebelr Air Ionizer can help relieve tension and help improve sleep patterns. According to Felix Gad Sulman, MD, the reported physiologic effects of negative ions have had remarkable benefits for those who used an air ionizer. These physiologic effects include decreased respiratory rate, decreased blood pressure, increased well-being, decreased skin temperature, increased resistance to infection, and more.


Negative ions can quickly kill 99.9% all kinds of bacteria, and viruses, and remove dust, smoke, PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. from the air and makes the Air clean to breathe. RELIEVE FROM TOXIC SUBSTANCE & ALLERGIES - Perfect for those who suffer from allergies, stuffiness, cough, sneezing & asthma. The quality of air in your car and home is important, and purchasing an air purifier is a must to remove toxic substances from air.


Nebelr does NOT have any HEPA filters like other cheap Air purifiers which requires replacing every 3-6 months, so no headache about cleaning or replacing filters. Nebelr gives 10 Million Negative Ions out in the air and attaches to invisible viruses & harmful dust particles like PM2.5 to form a cluster and makes them heavy to fall on the ground, and unable to fly in air again. And you are left with clean fresh air to breathe.

JAPANESE Technology

Nebelr Air Purifier are designed in Japan by Kyoto Machines

With over 10 years of experience and Ultrasonic Technology and Japanese design,

Nebelr makes it your ideal personal air purifier.

Kyoto aims to manufacture not only a better design and technology, but also aims for your healthy life-style. The use of Nano spray technology can effectively reduce the drying, reduce the electronic radiation to ultimate static electricity safe and suitable for indoor and car use.

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