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Doctors recommends to use Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer

As during the pandemic, fighting against the virus is the most important thing for every human being, Doctors are finding the best ways to solve the crisis. Many doctors across World are now using the Nebelr Air Ionizer in their rooms to deal with patients on daily basis.

The most effected cities are now asking people to as many things as they can to protect themselves from the virus, and avoids its transmission.

Nebelr Air Ionizer from Japan prevents from spreading the Viruses and Bacteria in a room from one person to another, and even makes the germs and viruses dead or weaken them to the extent that they cannot affect the person around.

The Ionisation technique is also recommended to be used by person isolating at home, and can also be used the person quarantine to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus.

Japanese researchers say ozone effective in neutralising Covid-19.

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