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Ionizer Air Purifier | 2021

Updated: Jun 21

  • NEBELR CAR AIR PURIFIER IONIZER - Original Negative Ion generator from Japan producing 10 Million Negative Ions kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, and removes harmful dust particles like PM2.5, PM10, etc from air and makes it cleaner to breathe. Relief for those who suffer from allergies, cough, sneezing & cold. It neutralises the bad Positive ions which are produced by electronic devices and screens, and thus you will have less fever, headaches and eyes irritations.

  • NO FILTERS – Nebelr Car Air Purifier does NOT have any Filter, so no need to worry about cleaning or replacing filters. Air blows out from inside releasing 10 Million Negative Ions in the air and attaches to invisible Viruses & harmful dust particles like PM2.5, to form a cluster and makes them heavy to fall on the ground and unable to fly in air again. And you are left with clean Fresh air to breathe.

  • NEGATIVE IONS HEALTH BENEFITS - Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches, they have high concentration of Negative Ions which make us feel fresh. It reduces headaches and eye irritation, Improves energy and focus, better sleep, elevates mental alertness, normalise blood pressure, Negative Ions are like VITAMINS IN THE AIR which benefits your overall health and disease prevention. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer is the strongest Ionizer in its segment from Japan.

  • 100% SAFE TO USE – Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer produces negative ions are healthy for the human body and are totally safe to inhale. Highest concentrations of Negative Ions are found in natural, clean air. NO CHEMICALS – It is Eco-friendly as NO toxic chemicals are generated, thus SAFE TO USE with kids and babies. Negative Ions refreshes your mind and relieves fatigue. It improves IMMUNITY and oxygen flow to the brain.

  • FEATURES - QUIET - Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer noise is lower than 30dB, which is almost like a low fan sound. SPEED MODES - High speed and Low speed mode. AUTO START - It starts automatically when you start your car. BLUE LED - Night light enhances auto decorating. PORTABLE - Perfect for areas less than 30m³ like car, office cabin, or bedroom. USB POWERED - Nebelr works only with USB power. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer comes with 1 Year standard warranty with service all over India.


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