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Japanese Car Air Purifier That Kills 99.9% Viruses- PM2.5, Dust, and Ionizes 10 Million Negative Ion

Day by day, Air pollution is getting too high and dangerous-So investing in a car air purifier for urban areas would be a blessing. A car creates dangerous pollutants with the outside air viruses,

But a pure car air purifier struggles with both and provides impressive air quality.

Nowadays, a large variety of best car air purifiers with ionising filters are available in the market. So, it isn't easy to choose the best one because your choice dramatically affects the air quality. For your ease, we have reviewed a top product with an intro, detailed description, pros and cons, worth for buying, and conclusion--helpful for selecting the best option.

Sleek Design

This Nebelr's product has designed upright-looks like a Bluetooth speaker. The neat-looking product is an air ionizer that purifies the inside the atmosphere of a car. The uniquely designed product has a Dual USB port for the power unit and a nifty charging. Overall, it's a black color unobtrusive and unpretentious air purifier - constructed with Aluminium Alloy. This is Japanese product design by Kyoto machines- comes with one year of warranty.

Product's Dimensions

The product measures 6.35 x 6.35 x 15.49 cm for height, weight, and dept. The black color Nebelr air purifier has 358 Grams of weight. It is designed in Japanese style with Aluminium Alloy. Also, include 1 Air Purifier Ionizer, 1 Micro USB Cable, one User Manual with 5 Volts and 12 Watts electric capacity.

Working Of Car Air Purifier Ionizer

The working system- quite sleek and loveable. An ionizer release more than 10 million negative ions in high density that collapse to dangerous, harmful dust particles like PM2.5, PM10. These negative ions make clusters with invisible particles and fall them. Dust particles cannot fly again; thus, the air becomes fresh and pure.

Super Fresh Air

For this feature, most customers review it as the best car air purifier for viruses. The Nebelr ionizer's negative ions act as a NATURAL OXIDATION quickly kills all bacteria, viruses, and germs.

These ions remove many toxic chemicals & dust as PM2.5, dust, pollen, smog, formaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde, and benzene. Now you can imagine, the air without these poisonous chemicals will how much fresh and relieving.

Anti Allergic

Most electronic gadgets in cars release toxic and allergies. This air purifier is fantastic for people who suffer from cough, allergies, and sneezing- remove all toxic. It feels relaxing with less headache and eye irritation that can refresh your mind and relieve driving fatigue.

Anti Allergens- Left Vitamins

According to research, Negative ions have many positive benefits for users. Nebelr Air Ionizer removes all dust and harmful particles but it lefts the right vitamins in the air. These body's synthesis, store vitamins activate physiological activities and keep you fresh.

One-Touch Control

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer is portable and much easy to use. It comes with a one-button function, inserted with a USB port- allows you to run an ionizer while charging the other devices. The sound of the air the purifier is 27db never disturbs you during resting or driving.

Internal Fan-Quick Air Purifier

It comes with a Powerful 360 Degree Air fan that quickly blows negative ions to make the air clean fast. This purifier never generates chemicals and stayed so cool to touch and safe for baby/ kid use.

Decoration Piece

Its baby look is charming so that it can be decorated as a showpiece. The Nebelr air purifier has a tumbler design that fits steadily into a cup. Such a convenient size is perfect for bedroom or office usage.

Multipurpose Air Purifier

It is not a simple car air purifier, but it can also be used as an ionizer in an office cabin, bedroom. Some particles may fall on sofas, television screens, and computers that can easily be wiped away by dusting and cleaning.

Physiological Effects

The negative ions produced by the air purifier have remarkable effects. These physiologic benefits include decreased respiratory rate, decreased skin temperature, dropped blood pressure, increased well-being, increased resistance to infection, and relaxing features.

Odors Removal and Deodorisation

Nebelr ionizer continuously circulating ions in air remove cross-contamination of Viruses and smell -left a pleasant and fresh air with lovely fragrances. So, it is a sanitiser too.

The Difference from HEPA Filters

A HEPA filter uses multiple filters in steps. First, it captures more large dust particles; second filters other harmful chemicals. But, this ionizer uses electrons. These electrons have negative charges that attract and collapse with all positively charged ions then fall. So, the air becomes fresh and pure.

Some Unique Features

Some remarkable features you will not find in other products. One LED - Blue-coloured that enhances the decoration at night. The next unique feature is an auto-start- which starts purifier automatically when you start your car. Last but not least, the low and high-speed mode enables you to control your air purifier.


Best air purifier

Pure deodoriser with fresh breath

Sleek Working

Echo Friendly


Health Benefits with Negative Ions


Some customers have reviews asking for bigger rooms.

Worth for Buying

This Nebelr product is a bit costly, But if we look upon its worthy features like 99.9% bacteria, viruses removal, dust removal, and vitamin filter, then we realise that it is the best car air purifier for price. Indeed, A small product with high-quality features.


Will the air purifier works after shutting off the car?


Most air purifiers have an auto-off/on the system, so this cleaner goes off when your vehicle is turned off.

Is the air purifier long-lasting and can Be used in the room?


Yes, the air purifier has one year of warranty and lasts for years if used carefully. You can also use it in the room, office, without the trouble with cleaning a filter.


Our selected Nebelr car air purifier is reviewed for you after the research depth so you can buy with 100% satisfaction. Indeed, it is fast working for any sized vehicle and a perfect solution for air pollution.


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