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Reasons NOT to Purchase HEPA Air Purifiers

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

You’ve heard that when purchasing air purifiers, vacuums and other electronics, it is important to choose ones with a HEPA—or high efficiency particulate air—filter. But these filters may not be for everyone. In fact, here are four reasons you may not want to purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter.

You enjoy breathing in germs

Dust, pollen and pollutants—all the makings of a fresh breath of air! If you look forward to each inhalation filled with nasty, filthy germs, don’t even think about purchasing a HEPA air purifier.

Why not? HEPA Air Purifiers provide the highest levels of particle filtration of any air purifier technology by using a HEPA filter. These filters are made of  tightly woven fibers that capture microscopic airborne pollutants and remove up to 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns and larger, leaving the air in your home clean, fresh and free of germs. This includes pollen (measuring 5 to 100 microns), pet dander (measuring .5 to 100 microns) and dust mite debris (measuring .5 to 50 microns).

You’d rather let bad odors linger

There is so much potential for stinky scents in our daily lives—from precious pets to daily cooking and stale smoke to chemical-filled cleaners—bad odors have a major opportunity to stick around. If you’d like to savor these odors, HEPA air purifiers are not for you.

Why not? HEPA air purifiers, especially with the addition of an activated carbon filter, can dramatically improve your indoor air quality, removing even the strongest, unruly scents. This leave the air in your home feeling and smelling fresh and clean, not musty or dirty.

You like bacteria growing in your home

Nothing says “home sweet home” like bacteria floating in the air or mold growing in the corner, right? If you want to keep bacteria measuring between .35 and 10 microns and mold measuring up to 20 microns dancing around your home, don’t invest in HEPA air purifiers.

Why not? HEPA air purifiers effectively remove mold spores and most bacteria, keeping indoor air clean and healthy for your family to inhale without concern. Additionally, solid particles captured by HEPA filters are never released back into the air, so they cannot contribute to any additional bacteria or mold growth.

You love asthma and allergies

Who doesn’t love being sick and miserable, sneezing all day and having a difficult time breathing all night? If your family looks forward to allergy season all year long, HEPA air purifiers should never be on your spring cleaning shopping list.

If any of these reasons resonates with you, don’t buy HEPA air purifiers.

However, if you hate germs, bad odors, bacteria and allergies like the rest of us,

then buy an Air Ionizer for yourself and for your family.

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