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UAE announces COVID-19 guidelines for Ramadan 2022

Updated: Jun 20

NCEMA released the updated guidelines to be followed during Ramadan in the UAE

Dubai: The National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority (NCEMA) on Monday announced the updated set of COVID-19 guidelines to be followed during the month of Ramadan. The guidelines include rules relating to visiting iftar tents and social distancing guidelines.

According to the NCEMA, the green pass and face masks will be mandatory to enter iftar tents. Security guards or volunteers will have to be deployed at each Ramadan tent to regulate the entry and exit of people.

NCEMA said that prior permits must be obtained from the Emirates Red Crescent to set up Iftar tents. Ramadan is expected to fall on April 2, which will be confirmed only after moon-sighting.

Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management committees in each emirate will be in charge of granting approval or rejecting the establishment of any Iftar tents. They will also be responsible for deciding the number of people allowed in each tent in coordination with ERC.

The capacity of each tent is to be decided by the Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management committees in each emirate, provided that a safe physical distance of 1 meter is to be maintained between every person and the other.

The authority added that facemasks and sanitisers must be provided in every tent while instructing people to adhere to wearing a mask, physical distancing, and hand sanitizing.

According to the new rules, Iftar tents will only be opened two hours before the Iftar (Maghrib prayer) to avoid crowding.

It is mandatory to design the tents in the shape of an umbrella, meaning they should be open from all sides or air-conditioned considering the high temperatures outdoors and the required safety regulations.

The authority made it clear that single-use tablecloths are mandatory. Tent hosts are also advised to use disposable plates, glasses, and spoons. Masks remain mandatory, except when eating or drinking.

Earlier last Ramadan, the UAE cancelled all annual Ramadan tent permits to support the government precautionary and preventive measures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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