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"Admit it - you cannot take chances with your health vis-a-vis prevailing pollution in India. Especially, if you are driving daily for 30-120 mins, there is a good chance that you get exposed to dangerous pollutants. To keep a check on this, get the Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer, which generates 10 million negative ions/cm cube and cogently weed off dust, smog, PM 2.5 benzene, and TVOC.

Owing to the natural oxidation that's done by negative ions, this air purifier ensures clean up your car and offers fresh air to you and your family. People who have allergy, stuffiness, cough, and sneezing issue should instantly get this car air purifier that utilises the advanced air purification technology to keep dangerous pollutants out of your sphere".

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer produces negative ions are healthy for the human body and are totally safe to inhale. Highest concentrations of Negative Ions are found in natural, clean air. NO CHEMICALS – It is Eco-friendly as NO toxic chemicals are generated, thus SAFE TO USE with kids and babies. Negative Ions refreshes your mind and relieves fatigue. It improves IMMUNITY, ALERTNESS, & BETTER SLEEP.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your car, a car air purifier is a great way to improve it.

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